April 13, 2021

As restrictions start to lessen with increased vaccine distribution, consumers are lining up to indulge in social dining experiences. The need for new and exciting menu options is on the rise as consumers enter back into restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops. Limited Time Offers (LTOs) offer the perfect mix of innovation with limited risk to regain familiar customers and attract new ones.

According to a recent Technomic report, 51% of consumers now indicate that offering LTOs is important when deciding on a dining occasion. The increase is significant across both 18- to 34-year-olds and consumers ages 35 and older, which highlights cross-generational interest in limited time offers.

When selecting LTOs, dayparts should also be considered. Technomic’s Ignite Consumer analyzes consumer attitude and chain brand usage and showed that people seeking new flavors or a new experience, had a daypart shift in 2020. Consumers moved toward breakfast and snacking dayparts. Operators and suppliers tailoring LTO innovation for these occasions found success.

Ignite Consumer also reports that compared to the first half of the year, traffic measures show above-average growth in the second half of 2020 for chains where diners report ordering LTOs. Consumers reward establishments that offer familiar favorites while gratifying the need for something different, making LTOs a key consideration in menu item selection.



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