The growing distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is giving food service an increased sense of hope with the start of the new year. From menu and product updates to permanent changes in business models, the industry is striving to come back stronger than ever in 2021.

According to Technomic, a leading B-to-B information services company focused on the food and beverage industry, this fresh start will manifest itself in multiple ways on menus. There will be more optimization efforts that include reducing SKUs, highlighting core items and launching healthier options.

Expect an increase in food and beverage focused on cleansing the body and purifying the environment. While the pandemic slowed down momentum of the health and wellness trend, the food industry will again make healthy eating, clean-label and sustainability key priorities.

Prior to the pandemic, modern concept trends focused not only on food, but in creating a whole dining event. Business models included social interaction through communal dining, buffets, and interactive experiences. Today, the new reality prioritizes social distancing and stringent sanitation practices.

While adjustments will need to be made, there is optimism within the industry as operators see 2021 as a fresh new start.



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