According to Innova Market Insights – F&B trend specialists for over 25 years – transparency will be the number one focus for brands in 2021. The market researcher notes that 60% of global consumers are interested in “learning more about where their food comes from and how it’s made.” As consumer demand for ethical, environmental and clean label continues to grow, brands are adopting innovative new ways of ensuring consumers’ loyalty.

COVID-19 has transformed shopping and eating habits. Staying on top of the curve and the changing food and beverage landscape will be important now more than ever.

There is an increasing expectation around what constitutes transparency. Aspects include simple and clean ingredients, plant-powered nutrition, supply chain transparency, human and animal welfare, and sustainable sourcing.  

The pandemic has influenced a new consumer lifestyle toward cleaner living and fewer ingredients. There has been a major shift due to regulations and consumers are looking for inherently healthy products. For many, it means simpler, less processed ingredients – staying away from genetically engineered ones.

Having a transparency strategy on packaging will also be important. Technology could play a role, with brands adopting and pairing new packaging technologies such as invisible barcodes and near-field communication technology. This new technology could provide consumers with all product information from ingredients to supply chain openness.

Another growing trend is producing food that uses methods and processes that are sustainable and ethical. Consumers are becoming more aware of how companies treat animals, as well as the environment. They are also paying attention to what charitable causes they support.

Transparency throughout the supply chain will dominate in 2021, with consumers searching for brands that can build trust, provide authentic and credible products, and create shopper confidence in the current and post-COVID climate.



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