The baking industry is working hard to understand consumer demand in response to the pandemic. Read on to see how companies are taking the steps needed to ensure future growth and resilience.

1. Convenience

Digital solutions are becoming essential in the industry. Especially since the Covid-19 outbreak, many consumers are looking for easier solutions to respect social distancing guidelines. According to Puratos Taste Tomorrow survey, 61% of global consumers want to be able to buy fresh food 24/7 and 70% of consumers think they will buy more food online in 2030.

2.  Calorie and Fat Reduction

A recent survey conducted by Tate and Lyle among senior bakery professionals revealed that calorie reduction will be the leading criteria of better-for-you innovation prioritized by 74% of businesses this year. 54% cited fat reduction as the factor that increasingly healthy-motivated consumers will seek out first.

3.  Classic Flavors

Despite the consumer shift to healthier, wholesome ingredients in baked bread, bakery products are still experiencing an increase in product launches that cater to indulgent taste experiences and appearances. Brands are playing on nostalgia, appealing to consumers as they turn to treats from their childhood. Flavors such as salted caramel, birthday cake, smores and strawberry shortcake will be more prominent in 2021 product launches.

4.  Color and Texture

In 2020, there were more than 80 million Instagram posts tagged with #cake. According to Kerry’s 2020 US Taste Chart, consumers are seeking sensorial and visually vibrant ingredients in baked goods, including sprinkles, ruby chocolate and matcha. Coloring foods with natural ingredients can create dazzling effects and powerful visual presentations while still catering to the health-conscious consumer.

5.  Customization 

After having created an abundant amount of homemade baked goods during the pandemic, consumers will be looking for more artisanal-quality in their retail and food-service purchases. Brands are now offering more unique, innovative products that satisfy different tastes, appetites and dietary requirements.

As businesses change and markets evolve, Schulstad Bakery Solutions offers strategic insights that support growth within the baking industry.


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