For many hotel guests the quality of food is considered just as important as the location and facilities of the hotel. On top of that, breakfast is, without comparison, the meal that most of your hotel guests will enjoy while staying.

In other words: Let there be no doubt about the importance of your hotel breakfast! Guests want to eat breakfast like kings, when staying at a hotel. This is of course why you as a hotel manager or chef worry so much about your breakfast.

If things go wrong, a lot of things are at stake:

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Hotel reputation and evaluation (both offline & online)

  • Hotel image and brand

These will most likely suffer - not only if you over-bake a batch of bake-off pastries, but also if the delivery of breakfast rolls and pastry doesn’t arrive on time or your local bakery for some reason lets you down. This can have a significant impact on driving up food and labor costs.

The key is precaution

The fact is that no one working in the service industry wants to ask themselves the question:

What should we do if we have no bread and pastry to serve to our guests?

But you should. Honestly, what would YOU do with no bread or pastry to serve – and breakfast time encroaching?

Would you always keep an extra batch in the freezer? How long time does it need to de-frost? Or do you prefer to have a local manufacturer as your backup-plan? And will they have enough resources at hand to quickly make you a batch of bread and pastry?

You wouldn’t know what to do, right? Except panic, of course.

We will let you in on a little secret: A good idea is to take precautions and pick a supplier that can answer the following questions – so you never have to deal with the consequences of a delivery fail:

Questions to a supplier:

  • What is the ability of the supplier to supply the desired bakery products?

  • Can the supplier deliver consistently without compromising quality?

  • How will the supplier deal with shortage of your guests' favorite bakery items?

  • Can the supplier match the size of your hotel?

  • What backup plan does the supplier have in case of illness?

  • In what form / packaging will the delivered bakery products arrive?

By knowing the answers to these questions you are making sure that your supply chain stays strong so your reputation won’t have to suffer.

Remember, the bigger the supplier that you partner up with, the more likely they are to cater for your needs. Especially if you choose an international one where production in neighboring countries can serve as a backup-plan – in case things go wrong.

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