This constellation can become pretty complex because the main objectives differ quite significantly between these groups of professions. The purchaser, manager or director will often focus on price, quality and consistent supply. All important aspects, but not innovation.

Chefs, on the other hand, tend to be motivated by additional things, such as:

  • The search for new trends
  • Smoothly adapting changes to the menu
  • Pleasing customers in the best possibly way
  • Creating the optimal experience for customers

Chefs make the right decision

This gap often creates tensions, misunderstandings and in the end can lead to a lack of motivation. Particularly for those of you chefs who are always looking for new trends and love finding inspiration by speaking to colleagues, researching online, on social media and via information from suppliers.

To close this gap, chefs need to move closer to the decision-making process. This is not always easy, but by giving you and kitchen personnel the right arguments, changes can be made. This is important because chefs are not only excited about serving new foods but also want to ensure that the right decisions are made.

These are the 5 most important needs your food supplier should meet

#1 Consumer expertise

Your supplier must be versatile and innovative. They have to ensure that the assortment is in line with consumer trends.

#2 Deliver innovation

Not only should they have a great assortment, but also set trends. You should expect your supplier to develop their range of products continuously and respond to changing eating patterns.

#3 Reliability

Whether it’s price or consistent quality you should expect your supplier to be reliable. Trust is the most important ingredient being traded with your supplier.

#4 Being in safe hands

Food safety is critical in so many ways. If a supplier is well audited by independent organizations, such as BRC, you can feel more secure with your choice of supplier.

#5 Ability to deliver consistently

Your supplier should have a track record and scale to make you feel confident that they will not let you down. If they have been in the business for many years and are well-known worldwide, you will probably feel more secure.


So, the next time you a new bakery supplier is considered for your hotel, remember to get their take on these 5 important areas. This way you will single out the best supplier for your needs – one who is trustworthy, aligned with your demands and will help you find solutions, to make you perform even better.

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