In Europe, many countries have a tradition for eating a second breakfast, often in the form of a light snack. In Germany, they eat a pretzel or a sandwich between morning and lunch. In Denmark, they get a piece of rye bread with a slice of cheese. And in Sweden, they eat cake or pastry during their morning break at 10 AM every day. The trend is becoming increasingly popular here in the US, and that is why cafés, sandwich shops, breakfast restaurants etc. should be aware, and offer healthy alternatives for this new segment.

However, is it healthy? According to several reports, a second breakfast can be just as beneficial as the first one, as it keeps the blood sugar stable, and keeps one from overeating later during the day. The trick is to eat a small breakfast at first to kick-start the metabolism, and then eat a slightly larger breakfast a few hours later. By doing so, people can bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch, which often would lead to a lighter and healthier lunch meal.

Of course, people are different, and there is not one specific diet that fits everybody. For example, an athlete would need more calories during the morning than the IT person sitting in front of a computer all day. Still, what apply for both is that two breakfasts seem to be healthier for them than none. The athlete would probably eat carb-loaded foods, while the IT person eats low-carb foods like wholegrain bread, fruit and oatmeal.

Great ideas for a healthy second breakfast:

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