Breads and pastries

Our portfolio is divided into two main categories: Euro-Bake Breads, and Schulstad Pastries.

  1. With our quality breads you can serve a wide assortment of classic and contemporary breads – whether it be sandwich carriersdinner rolls, or artisan loafs that set your creativity free.
  2. Our pastry assortment offers a great range of delicious Danish pastries and croissants.

Trends, health and ethics

We constantly develop new delicious breads and pastries for all tastes and needs. The backbone of our innovation is our five growth drivers: indulgence; premium products; health; sustainability & ethics; and convenience.

1. Indulgence

When focusing on Indulgence we work with comforting flavors and clean ingredients. Such as our large all-butter croissant.

2. Premiumization

A focus on Premiumization is for us a focus on select ingredients, modern lifestyle, and artisanal baking process, such as hearth-oven baking or cold proofing. Our White Chocolate Apricot Round is a delicious example of that.

3. Health

Health is a growth driver for consumers all over the world, hence this trend gets a lot of attention. The ingredients consist of particularly hearty grains.

4. Sustainability & Ethics

Within Sustainability & Ethics our main focus is on traceability and transparency in supply, focusing on the ethics in the industry, particularly food waste and animal welfare. As part of our dedication to transparency, in 2018 Euro-Bake achieved Non-GMO certification on a wide range of breads and rolls.

5. Convenience

When working with Convenience we look at new possibilities within packaging and different product sizes to make it even easier to serve delicious bread and pastry – no matter if it is on-the-go or bake at home.

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