We all know that it is important to stay on top of the latest trends in the baking industry. Some trends may stay for a couple of years, while others quickly vary due to changes in culture. Most recently, COVID-19 has altered consumers' purchase decisions. There are three key trends that make it to the top of the list.


While the bakery category has always provided an indulgent treat, there is a growing trend towards hyper-indulgence in sweet cravings.  Now more than ever, consumers are seeking an escape through baked goods, especially pastries. Hyper-indulgence can be built into bakery products by adding texture, unique and premium ingredients, or exotic flavors. Food People’s recent bakery report, “Turning Within”, states that layers and fillings in baked goods add visual appeal, textural complexity, and a delightful surprise.


According to a recent study by Innova Market Insights, 56% of global consumers say that stories around a brand still influence their purchase decision. Consumer interest in authenticity and transparency has led to product storytelling. Product storytelling can be told in many ways: detailing culture and tradition, explaining how ingredients are sourced, and outlining how they are processed. Storytelling ties directly with health and wellness which continue to be an expectation, even in sweet treats. The trend for clean claims, natural positioning, and simple labels continue to grow. 


Social media usage and Instagram followers have grown exponentially during the pandemic, which has made visually-appealing food a phenomenon. Platforms that are based on visuals are becoming more popular, and people want to get that perfect shot or video for their next social media post. Adding decoration, bright colors, and interesting shapes can take a baked good from average to fully instagrammable. Bakeries are emphasizing creativity in their finished product to add visual appeal in addition to taste, which can be especially inspired by the upcoming Holiday Season!


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